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Manage your corporate communication with innovative design tools at your fingertips.

Create State-of-the-art professional quality newsletters, release notes and news blasts. 

Distribute & Track – all from a single dashboard.

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Why choose cMailit?

If you have published and distributed a newsletter, you would have probably used a host of tools and services.  Tools to design, write articles, editing tools, mail merge to personalize it, tools to create a mailing list, finally a service to distribute.  

All the above can be done on cMailit in one continuous, seamless, easy to use platform. What is more, you can have multiple authors writing for the same newsletter, have it auto formatted including JPG, MOV and GIF inserts. See a preview and mail merge before sending it off. 

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Everything together

Design it. Write it. Edit it. Distribute it. Archive it.

Easy to use

Efficient. Effective.
User friendly. Intuitive.


Seamless access to your account from anywhere you are.


Save time. Save money.
Quick, easy, free account setup.

Benefits of cMailit

Workflow automation

Time is a perishable resource.  cMailit Helps you automate your entire communication. All you have to do is write it!


Have multiple authors write for the same Newsletter.  You do not even have to come together to collaborate.

Process optimization

No need to invent a new process every time you form a Newsletter.  cMailit saves the format and lets you use it every time you form a newsletter.